About Us

Make one platform for all business

Our Story

The story of dDesks has started in London, UK with Bangladesh. Once four young stars thought that we would have to hire an online web working place to set up a world software market in a platform. Then they agreed to a team and tried to achieve the goal.

Why dDesks

dDesks is a global crowd sourcing marketplace where buyers and freelancers can find each other.

  • 1. dDesks has 100% payment guarantee for buyer and freelancer.
  • 2. There are local payment arrangements here.
  • 3. There is an affiliate program as well.
  • 4. This is a great opportunity for medium and advance freelancers to disclose their skills in this big platform.
  • 5. The freelancer can easily get buyer from here.
  • 6. It is an open online market place where anyone can easily buy and sell software, mobile-apps, websites, themes, templates and any other software related products etc.
  • 7. It’s a very user friendly with proper documentation & user manual.

A world of opportunities

Through dDesks businesses get more done, share your experience, sell your projects, connecting with freelancers to work on projects from web and mobile app development to SEO, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, admin help and thousands of other projects. dDesks makes it fast, user friendly, and cost-effective to find, hire, work with, andpay the best professionals anywhere, any time.

dDesks’s vision

To connect business with all the talented people in the world so that they can work without any restrictions.

dDesks’s mission

To equate the economic income for the common people of the whole world, where every people can enjoy a better life.

dDesks’s values

make one platform for all business.
Build unity of excellence.
Secure and confidential payment transactions.
save time and provide quality work.