Why dDesks

Make one platform for all business

Details of why dDesks

dDesks is a global crowd sourcing marketplace where buyers and freelancers are able to find each other.

  • 1. dDesks follows the secure and strict payment method such as if the buyers submit payment at the dDesks account then it won't be transfer to the freelancers account until the freelancers is not completed his/her task according to the buyer’s requirement and it will be verified by dDesks management team. On the other hand, the freelancer will get remuneration according to the completion of task (condition apply).
  • 2. Here buyers and freelancers can transaction their payment through international as well as local payment system.
  • 3. dDesks provides affiliate system for freelancer, external or internal members that they can get easily extra money by this procedure. There is one condition to get this facility that you must be member of dDesks. The procedure of affiliate system is if you add any freelancers (beginner not allow) in our dDesks platform then you will get some remuneration (Base on freelancers job ) from that freelancer.
  • 4. This is a great opportunity for the medium and advance freelancers to disclose their skills in this big platform. They can also upload their items (Such as Web theme & templates, Code & Software, Design and so on) and they sell it to the clients.
  • 5. The freelancers can easily find the buyer according their requirements and they can also communicate with buyer through messaging.
  • 6. It is an open online market place where anyone can easily buy and sell software, mobile-apps, websites, themes, templates and any other software related products etc.
  • 7. This platform is very user friendly for the buyers and freelancers. Because they will get full documents and user manual which helps for them that how they will be use the function of this website, how they can be transaction their payment and so on.